About Us

Company name: Longquan Dress & Adomment(Nantong) Co.,Ltd.

Establishment: 1994

Nature of the enterprise: Japanese sole proprietorship

Total employees: 300

Plant areas: 10,000 square meters

Production equipment: more than 500 sets of production equipments for all kinds of woven, knitted garments and double-faced coats, including: automatic cloth spreading machine, hanging assembly line, automatic template sewing machine, automatic bag opening machine, Several of decorative sewing machines.

Sewing line: 8

Annual production capacity: 1 million pieces

Main products: all kinds of fashion blouses, dresses, double-faced woolen coats, sports clothing, four-season elementary school uniforms for middle schools.

Enterprises reputations : Nantong City-level Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise, Class A Safety Production Enterprise, Nanjing Customs Class A Enterprise, Jiangsu Export Product First Class Enterprise, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certified Enterprise, Japan Moririn Co.,Ltd. Best Quality Supplier, PVH (CK Brand) social responsibility certification company, Bank of China credit company, etc.

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